The Barrister Firm is a full service law firm, offering proficiency in more than 20 practice areas.  Our attorneys are skilled and able to guide clients through the rough waters of any legal issue and help them plan for their future, maximize their opportunities and protect their assets.  Clients appreciate the wide field of legal practices and experience of our attorneys and welcome the personalized, individual representation we give.  The firm offers responsible, well trained counsel to individuals, businesses, organizations, religious entities, corporate and non-profit clients. With a multifaceted background in most aspects of the law, the Barrister Firm guides clients through the process of determining needs, planning and evaluating options and selecting the best course of action.

Nearly every individual business or organization is confronted with a situation that would benefit from the counsel of an attorney. We also recognize that the middle/working class community is in the most need of legal representation and are the most likely to attempt to resolve their legal issues without the guidance of valuable legal counsel. We realize that the Middle Class is in a unique position that disqualifies them from free assistance by legal aide firms and that most cannot afford the traditional fees associated with retaining a private law firm.  To address this issue, our fees are designed to take into consideration the financial situation of each client and to develop a fee arrangement that addresses their individual financial capacity. By removing the financial obstacle, we ensure that those that need legal counsel the most have access to exceptional legal representation.  We’ve made it our primary goal to find solutions to our clients legal issues in a timely, professional and cost effective manner.  We strive to minimize stress in the adversarial and legal proceedings and integrate our core values of integrity and respect for individual dignity.

The Barrister Firm is as diverse and multicultural as America itself; the firm’s attorneys, staff and service vendors are all attuned to the urgency of clients’ concerns and vigorously and efficiently pursue ethical solutions.  Whether you need a single attorney or an entire team, the professionals at the Barrister Firm offer proficient, effective, aggressive and creative problem-solving.  The firm is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, performance and commitment in order to earn and retain trust in building an enduring relationship that lasts a lifetime so that we can confidently say that we are with you for life and the last attorneys you will ever need.